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DigiCaster, broadcast air chain designed as an IT product for rapid deployment

Deployment of DigiCaster is like plug-and-play

It has been fully tested with industry’s well-known broadcast products. DigiCaster is interoperable with the following products, out of the box and it is DigiCAP’s promise to continue to expand its interoperability to other broadcast products:

This interoperability out of box saves lots of time for broadcast to light up ATSC 3.0 stations. Usually, within two or three days after installation of DigiCaster, broadcasters can light up ATSC 3.0 stations from the scratch.

DigiCaster also provides broadcasters with very intuitive dashboard, and operation & monitoring tools which simplify various aspect of ATSC 3.0 operations. With that all the ATSC 3.0 architectural components right on your fingers.

For more information, please contact Joonyoung Park at +.213.375.8682 or

DigiCaster promises your NEXGENTV broadcast to be operational within a couple of days from the installation, verification and off-the-air.